Web Development

A website is created for a need for communication with larger groups by an individual for networking and by a company providing goods and services. We support both these needs of our clients with our excellent Website Development , according to their needs. Developing it requires some technical expertise on grounds of content, client side or server side scripting, net server and security configurations and e-commerce development. All this is done by different departments in close accurate coordination to give timely consistent results. Our peo Website Development people are committed professionals with knowledge on all aspects of this challenging field.

Web Development Web development is more precisely the non designing part of the process. Given the pictures and content to be displayed on the page, building it for access by users is done with markup and coding. Good content, pictures and banners are vital parts of the webpages but the coding, appropriate linking and good SEO work optimizes the website and helps it rank higher and better in the search engines criteria. This is important as valuable websites rank up and are most surfed leading to the client’s benefit and this is done by the SEO .He specializes in specific content analysis as per the Search Engine criteria so as to give it preference. Our company conducts the SEO with great care

Our Web Development team consists of many efficient graphic designers and Information systems Technicians, the SEOs and several competent team workers to create a site for you which are convenient, informative and very attractive. We believe that creating a good site needs all this together but the focus should be the client’s need. It should speak about its focus or purpose to the visitor and be able to deliver to specific needs. This makes the website a successful one and such a developer is the successful developer. The content based sites should have specific informative content and Portals should have good marketing Savvy designs. These and many more small things are kept in mind for each client we have. They are not only our clients but valuable assets which help us learn and grow always

Key Benefits of working with us is that we:

  • Develop functional websites that are user-friendly, practical and content relevant.
  • Are client-focused: we respond to your needs and concerns
  • Have strong technical and analytical experience.
  • Have developed our own Content Management Software that is user friendly
  • Are a solutions provider - we provide you with what you want and then exceed your expectations.
  • Build Search Engine-friendly sites.
  • Provide a total solution from design, development, search engine optimization and hosting.
  • Ensure that it's 'One call no confusion' We communicate in clear, understandable language.

Web Designing

AV Computer Science believes that a company's web site should establish the company's presence on the web and not be limited to just a few pages posted digitally. AV Computer Science provides professional Web design services to help make your company's online presence stand out from the crowd. We can design or re-design your current website, create a unique and memorable corporate identity, and work with you on all of your graphic design needs. We go beyond mere designing and would be willing to undertake the complete maintenance & management of your site.

Web Maintenance

Businesses evolve and the dynamics of doing business is ever changing, why then should your web presence by stuck in the past. It is with this approach that we offer a complete website maintenance programme. This programme is designed to suit every kind of client requirement. Specific offers on website maintenance can be made to suit your requirements or budgets.

Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM (Customer relationship management) C is a details sector for software system, methodologies and usually online world skills that can help an enterprise deal with customers. For example, an organization may possibly produce a data bank pertaining to its customers the fact that detailed human relationships when comes to a sufficient amount of feature to ensure that operations, employees, people delivering service, and in many cases the client straight could possibly obtain advice, match up with client demands with the help of system policies and even programs, point out potential customers and services information necessities, realize what several other solutions a customer acquired bought, and many others. Customer relationship management is a strategy which concentrates on setting up good human relationships utilizing buyers plus potential clients meant for constructing and tweaking some loyal customer base. CRM operates through most of divisions for you to balance customer-centric planning. CR Management reduces rates, accelerates productivity and improves customer support.

AV Computer Solutions is the company providing the CRM software, which is user friendly and makes you enable to identify which are your best customers and can focus on that particularly. This software helps you improve the account, sales management in an organization. Company will provide you the software according to your demand and will provide you the satisfactory work. If you want to develop the CRM software for your organization, school or for any other firm, we AV Computer Solutions will provide you the best service. For further enquiry you can contact